Facts about Calvert County

The Calvert County Planning Consultant will be beginning the rewrite of  the Comprehensive Plan and zoning ordinance in 2016 and the Sustainable Calvert Network wants to lend assistance in finding information so that people can take informed positions. County size and population. Calvert is the smallest county in the state, with approximately 140,000 acres including wetlands. The…

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SCN meets with Commissioners

All eight Network groups were represented when we met with the Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday, January 5th. Several of the Commissioners thanked our groups for the work we do and they acknowledged the importance of protecting our rural resources. In our presentation, we focused on two requests: restore the $1.5 million in new county money…

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Engaging in the preparation of a new comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance

Over the last 40+ years, Calvert County developed a reputation for good planning: In 1974, Calvert County’s first comprehensive plan was adopted. The county received an award from the National Association of Counties for the citizen participation process used to develop the plan. The central focus of the plan was retaining the county’s rural character….

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