SCN weighs in on new comprehensive plan


Calvert County’s update of the Comprehensive Plan is in full swing.

Many of our SCN members participated in the comprehensive plan meetings organized by County planning staff. Afterward, the Sustainable Calvert Network leadership voted unanimously to forward the following recommendations concerning the new plan.
“Our nine groups have come together to comment on the Comprehensive Plan. Our combined membership totals over three thousand individuals/families. We appreciate the opportunity to express our thoughts and suggestions.

Our mission is “to share information and offer support and cooperation among Network members; to achieve a future for Calvert County that fully integrates farming, fishing, natural and cultural resources, along with economic and societal needs.”

Many of our members have participated in county comprehensive planning processes in the past, and in the current planning process. We are proud of the steps that the County has made to preserve land, direct and control growth, and to create agri-tourism, eco-tourism and heritage tourism opportunities. We are proud of the quality of life that exists and will work hard to keep it that way.

Our organizations believe that we should continue to control and direct growth to town centers in order to sustain our farming, forestry and fisheries operations and protect our river and bay. Working landscapes and open spaces are a key to good health and happiness of Calvert residents.

We believe that the current Plan goal is a good one. We support the current visions and a number of our members will be suggesting improvements to the visions and benchmarks. Some specific recommendations that we all share are as follows:

  •  The forestry benchmark should be revised to call for increasing the percentage of forestland, without compromising prime farmland. Forests are a key to good water quality.
  • We believe that TDRs should not be the only way to meet the 40,000 acre benchmark. Rural Legacy, MALPF and other preservation programs should help reach that goal.
  • The Cultural Heritage vision should reflect our diversity and the Plan should value heritage as a primary means of developing and maintaining a sense of identity, a sense of place.
  •  The Plan should document the economic value of agriculture, agri-tourism, ecotourism and heritage tourism and identify strategies to safe-guard and strengthen these economic engines. There benefits should be recognized in the economy section of the plan.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment.”

SCN encourages everyone to participate in the comprehensive planning process and to share this post if you agree with what it has to say.


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