Large Crowd Welcomes 16 Candidates for County Commissioner

Over 200 citizens crowded into the hall at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church to learn about this year’s prospective County Commissioners. Greg Bowen, Executive Director of the American Chestnut Land Trust, welcomed the candidates noting that citizenship is the cornerstone of a democracy and democracies fail if good people don’t come forward to run for office. He thanked them for stepping up, acknowledging that many are running for the first time.

Civility was the order of the night as the speakers held closely to moderator Dusty Rhoades’ instructions and stopping when their time was up. Despite the challenges of trying learn about 16 people at one time in a warm, packed room, the crowd was attentive and appreciative.

Both parties were equally represented and they were vying for only five seats. However, there was great commonality in the responses to questions. Nearly all shared similar visions about their ideal towns and nearly all expressed strong support for land preservation. All promised strong citizen outreach programs and affirmed that they would work hard hear all voices, not just from one or a few special interest groups. On numerous occasions, candidates voiced agreement with their competitors on points.

Of course, there are differences and not all positions were shared. Answers to the detailed Candidate Questionnaires can be viewed HERE, as well as their bios and qualifications. The Forum was filmed and Sustainable Calvert Network will be sharing it as soon as possible.

A special shout out to Sustainable Calvert Network (SCN), Dunkirk Area Concerned Citizens Association (DACCA), and Huntingtown Citizens Association (HCA). Without the work of volunteers from all of these groups, this nonpartisan and well organized event would not have been possible.

Stay tuned during the next few months as SCN will providing the latest on issues affecting rural lands, the environment and land use in Calvert County.


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