Highlights of Board of County Commissioners Candidates Survey

How do candidates feel about important Calvert County land use issues? All Calvert County Commissioner candidates were given three weeks to complete a survey initiated by the Sustainable Calvert Network, the Dunkirk Area Concerned Citizens Association, and the Huntingtown Civic Association. Mike Hart and Kelley McConkey did not respond. Seventeen candidates did: Mark Arness, Matt Bennett, Greg Brown, Holly Budd, Emad Dides, Patrick Flaherty, David Gatton, Buddy Hance, Susie Hance–Wells, Ted Haynie, Tom Hejl, Bruce Henkelman, Tim Hutchins, Joe Johnson, Tricia Powell, Duwane Rager, and Steve Weems. Here is a brief summary of the results:

When asked if they agree with the goal to preserve 40,000 acres of prime farm and forest land– all agreed, except for Hejl who did not answer the question. Hart and McConkey did not respond.

When asked if they agree with using 1% of the county budget to preserve land— All agreed except the following: Hart and McConkey did not respond; Flaherty and Gatton support the premise; Hejl would decide on a year to year basis.

When asked if they think that a determination as to whether our roads can accommodate that level of traffic should be made before the Town Centers are expanded– All agreed except: Hart and McConkey did not respond; Dides and Hutchins did not directly answer the question; Gatton, Hejl, and Weems said no.

When asked if they believe that chain stores and restaurant buildings should meet local design standards– All agreed, except: Hart and McConkey did not respond. Hejl and Weems were noncommittal.

The County Commissioners recently received bonding authority to construct a new County administration building on the old Armory site in Prince Frederick. Candidates were asked, you agree with this proposal– All said no except: Hart and McConkey did not respond; Hejl agreed with the proposal; Hutchins and Weems agreed to the bonding but not the site.

To view all the answers to the 23-question survey, CLICK HERE.

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