New Poll Reveals That County Residents Support SCN’s Mission

Smart Growth Maryland commissioned a poll conducted by OpinionWorks, just released today, that confirms all that Sustainable Calvert Network (SCN) has been saying about the desires and concerns of Calvert County residents. According to the poll, 87% of county residents support protecting waterways like the Chesapeake Bay, Patuxent River and local creeks and 79% support protecting most agricultural land from development. They believe that these issues need to be priorities in the new county comprehensive plan.

However, the current draft comprehensive plan falls far short on these issues. Its authors removed a whole section on water quality, even cutting water quality standards. The draft Plan calls for preserving 40,000 acres of prime farm and forest land, but it fails to identify any new initiatives to reach the land preservation goal and even reduces the need for transferable development rights.

According to the poll, 65% say that we should discourage residential development and 69% say that Calvert needs to remain a smaller community and protect its rural character. Residents contend that the single most important issue or challenge facing Calvert County is overdevelopment/ growth/ sprawl. That counters the comprehensive plan authors’ removal of residential growth controls in the new draft being reviewed by the Planning Commission.

Residents see the connection between residential growth and  traffic and 51% see traffic as a major problem. Despite their concerns, residents appear to have a strong affection for Calvert County with 92% saying that Calvert is a good or excellent place to live.

Nine of the ten County Commissioner candidates spoke at SCN’s forum on October 15th and these and other issues were debated. The Candidates also had to complete a Candidate’s questionnaire. To view the results of the questionnaire, click on this LINK.